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Eagles Flying is an attraction for all the family at an affordable price. It is the largest Centre for Birds of Prey and Owls in the country. Situated on 27 hectares, the sanctuary is home to about 350 birds and animals out of 75 species. Established in 1999 the centre was originally set up for research purposes only, but as a consequence of increasing interest and local awareness, it was decided to open parts of the centre to visitors. In the summer of 2003 its birds were introduced to the first eager visitors and numbers continue to increase every year.

As the sanctuary became better known, people from all over Ireland started to bring us injured birds and other helpless wildlife. We try to heal all these patients and if possible return them to nature.

This hospital and rehabilitation sector is now the most time consuming and labour intensive department at the centre.

You will be amazed by majestic birds soaring above your head before perching before your very eyes. During the flying demonstrations you will learn about the biology of the birds and any questions you may have will be answered.

Educating you about these birds also means safeguarding these endangered species for future generations as you will learn how to do your share in protecting their natural habitats in nature.

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